ADHD Re-Boot™

Has your child, loved one, or someone you know been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also commonly known as ADHD or ADD? Mind and Brain Care can help with an innovative new program specifically designed for you.



A trademarked synthesis of neurofeedback training, skills coaching, and parental training, Re-Boot™ can unlock potential with a unique, state of the art approach to rewiring brain cells called neurofeedback, all without medication or invasive procedures.

Let us help reboot the brain to its full and amazing potential. Take the challenge out of ADHD and harness the amazing gifts it has to offer.

Re-Boot™ your brain to its maximum potential. Unplug and reboot from surviving to thriving.

Ready to Re-Boot™?

Our comprehensive 12-week ADHD Re-Boot™ Camp is designed to empower your child with the ability to master the symptoms of ADHD.  Mind and Brain Care offers a variety of options to customize your Re-Boot™ experience the way you need it. We’ve even customized our scheduling to offer hours for working parents and busy families to make sure you can take part in this opportunity.

  • Neurofeedback training, your child will improve their ability to focus their attention and control their impulses improving their ability to learn both in the classroom and out.  T
  • ADHD skills coaching will channel your child’s unlocked brain potential to control their emotions, relax themselves, and use techniques to manage their time and space more efficiently.  Let us transform your child’s school experience to competence and control.
  • Parent/caregiver training designed to parallel the targeted unit topics your child is training the same week.  The parental training is not a “parenting class”.  You will learn new techniques to put into your parental tool-belt customized for what works in the real-world for you and your family.


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Unit Training Topics:

Impulse Control

Emotional Control

Time Management



Anger Management

Stress Management


Parental Behavioral Training

ADHD Re-Boot™ Camp

ADHD Re-Boot™ Camp


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To get started, please call the office at 239-768-6500.  We would be happy to provide you with more information about how Re-Boot™ can benefit you.

What to Expect +

First, we will conduct a brief screening over the phone to learn more and see if Re-Boot™ is right for you and your family.

Next, we’ll discuss all the program options to see which Re-Boot™ fits you best, incl. available programs, time slots, add-ons, costs, etc. to ensure we customize the experience to your unique needs.

Prefer us to contact you to get started? +

Fill out this form and a staff member will contact you within the next 24 business hours to continue the screening process.

As noted above, registration is required and involves a screening intake process to determine the best fit for your child.  There is absolutely no obligation or charge for any registration or intake process.  All details will be discussed with you during the intake to ensure all your questions are answered before final enrollment.  Check out answers to frequently asked questions on our ReBoot FAQ!

We customize everything for you and with you.

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