Dementia-Friendly Faith Community Initiative

Mind and Brain Care is proud to team up with various organizations (Alvin A Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center, Hope Health Care Services, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Shell Point Retirement Community, Right At Home, Temple Beth El, and Comfort Keepers) in an initiative to make our faith community more dementia-friendly.

Individuals with dementia become increasingly dependent, placing considerable physical, emotional and economic stress on their caregivers. Given the growing number of individuals affected by dementia, our community needs to come together in order to maintain the respect and dignity of those afflicted with dementia and promote customized support for caregivers that offers them optimal choice and control.  In essence, we need to create dementia friendly communities.

Houses of worship are an important focus and source of support within our community. Houses of worship have historically contributed to the development and reform of provision to people with mental health conditions. It is now our houses of worship that are again taking a stand and  developing a ‘dementia friendly faith community’. This term describes houses of worship in our community that are inclusive and welcoming to people with dementia and their  caregivers.

Please click on Links Below for Further Information:

For Caregivers: Dementia-Friendly Houses of Worship

For Houses of Worship: Resources for Creating a Dementia Friendly Facility

Extensive List of Resources for Researchers, Providers, Caregivers, and Worship Leaders

Handout-Spiritual Care for Dementia Patients and Families-2.PPT*

literature review–spirituality and dementia

* A special note of gratitude to Hope HCS for providing Pastor Scott Edding’s Power Point, “Spiritual Care for Dementia Patients and Families.”

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